Lemang is a typical aceh food made from glutinous rice cooked in bamboo shoots, after previously rolled with a piece of banana leaf. Rolls of bamboo leaves containing glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk is then put in a bamboo seruas then burned until cooked. Lemang more delicious eaten warm-warm. How to consume lemang varies from region to region. Some like to enjoy it in a sweet way (plus jam, kinca, serikaya) or in salted way (rendang, eggs, and other side dishes), or some who eat it with fruits like durian.
Lemang is usually eaten during Idul Fitri or Eid al-Adha. Ulun Lampung on the coast to become lemang as snacks and traditional cakes. Minangkabau people also like lemang, even cities like Tebing Tinggi known as "Lemang City". Lemang is also the original Negrito food in Kelantan. and the Semai.
Lemang is also a typical confectionary of Samarinda society that is produced and traded by Banjar people in Jalan Pulau Sebatik, Samarinda.


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