cerita fabel, kera yang licik

In ancient times, there was an interesting tale about friendship between apes and chickens. It seems that they are always harmonious and peaceful. But this is not the case. After a long time they are friends, then seen the bad behavior of the ape.

"Hi, Chicken, my best friend," called the ape. "In the afternoons we're going to go for a walk. Would you go with me?"

"Where are we going?" Asked the chicken.

"I'll take you to the forest where I used to play, where it's beautiful. Said the monkey while coaxing.

Chicken interested in the ape's invitation. Without a suspicion he followed the monkeys for a walk in the woods. The darker the day, the apes' stomach began to struggle to fill it. It was then that the monkey's rotten intentions came to harm the chickens.

"Hehehe ... For what am I bothering to find food in front of me there is already very delicious food." Thought ape.

He saw the Chicken looking confused into the forest. The chicken looked big and fresh. Apes think, if the chicken is about to eat, it's better if it's no hair. Therefore, he wanted to pluck the chicken feathers first.

Chickens and monkeys are getting deeper into the forest. By that time it was getting dark, the monkeys were carrying out their intentions. He immediately caught the chicken. Chick looked surprised to see the ape treatment. The evil monkey then plucked the chicken's feathers. With all his strength, the chicken thrashed. Chickens try to run away from the ape's claws. After trying hard tirelessly, the chicken managed to escape. Chicken ran as fast as out of the woods.

After a long chicken running, he arrived at another friend's house. Chicken arrived at crab house. The crabs that saw the chicken look exhausted became curious. He asked, "Chickens, what is going on with you? Why is your breath coming out of breath? Asked the crab.

"Oh Crab, I was wiped out by my ape's own best friend, he was about to eat me," replied the chicken with his breath still panting.

"How rude, how apes do this to you," said the unbelieving crab.

"It's a brazen tough he has such a bad intention!" Chicken said.

"It can not be left alone, we must teach monkeys!" Said the crab with furious.

Chickens and crabs then set the tactic to teach the Monkey a lesson.

A few months later after the feathers in the chicken body have recovered, the crabs and chickens meet apes. Chicken still looked scared to see the ape. Crabs that speak;
"Hi ape, two days and chicken and I want to go sailing to the opposite island on the island a lot of fruit that is cooked and delicious," said the crab.

"Can I go sailing with you," said the ape hopefully.

"It is allowed.....!" Said the crab.

Previously a boat from the ground was available. Chickens and crabs intentionally prepare well in advance. Two days later the three of them boarded a boat to the other side.

The boat is getting away from the edge. Monkeys had begun to imagine how delicious the fruits would be, and chickens and crabs began to give each other a password.

"The rooster crows," I hide it ...! "

The crab answered, "Wait in once!"

Every crab finished saying that, the chicken pecked on the boat. They then repeat the game again. The ape did not understand what chicken and crabs actually do. Over time their boat leaked.

The apes start to panic, but he can not do anything. The boat is getting more and more sinking. Crabs and chickens can save themselves. The crab dives to the bottom of the sea. While the chicken easily flew into land. Stay with the apes who look terrified. Basically most apes are afraid of water, let alone sea water. He tried to struggle for help, but who helped him. He also can not swim, then the history of the cunning monkey.


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