What's Going Unnecessary Regrets


Once, there was a young man who had inherited from his parents. Being a simple family, he gets little money and some books. Before his death, his father said, "My son, these books are an infinite treasure of value. Father give to you, read and study. Hopefully someday your fate can change better. And this is a little money, use it to live and work diligently to support yourself. "

After a while, the money left behind was used up. For a moment he looked at his father's books. He remembered the message from his parents to learn from the book. Being lazy, he takes a shortcut. The book is sold to friends who want to buy out of pity. Instead, he gets rice for his daily meal.

Moments later, the young man had to start working hard for the sake of survival. To her amazement, the friend who had bought her book, now her life looks comfortable and more advanced. Out of curiosity, what made this friend successful his life, he came and asked.

Although he did not want to open a secret, after being pressured and pity to see the fate of the youth, finally the friend is open. "Actually, I really helped with the book you sold me. I used to buy the book out of pity for you. I left it dusty in the corner of the room. One day, idly curious, read it and it turns out, wahh ... it's great! A great life lesson. "

"Not only that," his friend continued. "Inside the book is a message, so that the reader after mastering the contents of the book would practice in earnest. Really, I'm lucky I got that book from you. Look, my life is changing. Actually, where did your books come from? "

Hearing his friend's story, the young man was very sorry. His father's treasures were far more valuable than he thought. Because lazy to read, now he was just a rough-working laborer who lived a perfunctory.

"The book is actually a legacy from my parents," replied the young man. "Honestly, I was lazy to read it and did not know that my father kept a very valuable message. Really, I'm sorry. Friend, can I borrow those books to start my new life? I want to be able to change my life for the better. "


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