Unlimited Mother's Love

 Kasih Ibu Tak Batas Waktu

A child fights with his mother & leaves home. As he walked he realized that he had no money at all. He passed a noodle shop. He wanted to order a bowl of noodles because of hunger.

The noodle owner noticed the boy standing for a long time in front of his shop, then asked "Son, do you want to order noodles?"
"Yes, but I have no money," the boy replied shyly "It's okay, I'll treat you," replied the owner of the store.

The child immediately ate. Tanya the owner of the store. "It's okay, I'm just touched because a new guy I gave me a bowl of noodles but my own mother after a fight with me, drove me from home. You're a new man I know but care about me.

The owner said "Son, why do you think so? Think about it, I just gave you a bowl of noodles & you are so touched .... Your mother has cooked noodles, rice, etc. until you grow up, you should be grateful to him.

The boy was surprised to hear that. "Why did not I think about it?"

For a bowl of noodles from someone I've just met I'm so grateful, but to my mother who cooks for me for years, I do not even care.

The boy quickly finished his baking and he braced himself to go home. As soon as he reached the doorway of the house, he saw his mother weary & worried. When he saw his son, the first sentence that came out of his mouth was "Son, you're home, come in fast, I've prepared dinner."

Hearing this, the child can not help crying & he cries in his mother's presence.


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