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The Origin of Dragon City Tapak Tuan

In ancient times, in the land of Aceh, there was a very extraordinary event which is the story of the origin of Dragon City Tapak Tuan. Tapak Tuan City is located in the area of ​​South Aceh, and its location is in the marine environment. Tapak Tuan City looks beautiful because its location close to the sea is very supportive to form nice scenery. The hallmark of this place is the presence of a pair of distant footprints like the footprint of a person who stepped on the ground and is now one of the city's attractions.

At that time, there lived a young man named Teuku Tuan. In history, it is not known where Teuku Tuan is from. But it is told that Teuku Tuan is a character who plays a role in the origin of Tapak Tuan city.
In the area of ​​South Aceh, there is a very large mountain. On the mountain lives a very large dragon.

From the top of the mountain, there is a trace of the dragon that slithers down to the foot of the mountain. Approximately the dragon has a width of 10 meters and its length is unknown. Why can it be estimated 10 meters wide? Because the size of the width on the trail left by the dragon is about 10 meters. The residents felt threatened by the existence of the dragon.

Upon hearing the news, Teuku Tuan hunted down the dragon. He fights against the dragon, which can finally end by killing the dragon by hitting him with a stick. The wand that Teuku Tuan used to kill the dragon was thrown into the depth of sea about 70 meters. The stick is immortalized by the Almighty plugged vertically in the middle of the ocean and higher than the sea level. (Meaning the stick's length is more than 70 meters).

After being hit by Teuku Tuan, the dragon dies a mess. His blood spilled over the place where until now the dragon's blood was scattered was called the village of Batu Merah. Uniquely, in this Batu Merah village, from the sand of the sea, rocks, and the soil, all colored red * colored red blood *.

Other parts of his body were exposed elsewhere. An example is his heart. The dragon's heart was struck in an area that until now was called the Black Stone village. A canyon of Batu Merah, this Black Stone village is unique from the sea sand, rocks and soil, all black.

The border between Batu Merah and Batu Hitam village can be clearly distinguished, although only by using the longest eyes. When Teuku Tuan was about to kill the dragon, there was a chase between Teuku Tuan and the dragon. Then at one time, trace the footprint Teuku Tuan this. Now that still looks only a pair of feet very far apart, limited by the mountain where the dragon lived before. The footprints, like the footsteps of someone who stepped over a mountain, because there can not be found the same trace between the two tracks.

The size of the footprint is 3 x 1.5 meters. The right footprint, on the edge of the sea on a rock. While the left footprints are in the city above the ground. Between the traces one and the other is more than 500 meters away.

Therefore, given the name of the area that there are traces of the Teuku Tuan footprint with the name of Tapak Tuan city, or also often called the city of Dragon Tapak Tuan. If we go to Tapak Tuan Aceh Selatan, but have not visited the footprint area, then as if we have not reached Tapak Tuan.


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