Two goats walked bravely from the opposite direction in a steep mountain, at which time they happened to each other simultaneously arrive at the edge of a cliff under which the rushing waters of the river ran. A fallen tree, has been used as a bridge to cross the chasm. The tree used as a bridge is so small that it can not be passed simultaneously by two squirrels safely, let alone by two goats. That very little bridge will make even the most courageous person become frightened. But the two goats do not feel frightened. Their arrogance and self-esteem do not allow them to budge and give way to other goats.
When one goat stepped foot to the bridge, the other goats did not want to budge and also set foot to the bridge. Finally the two met in the middle of the bridge. Both still would not budge and instead push each other with their horns so that the two goats eventually fell into the abyss and were swept away by the swift flow of water beneath.
Better to give up than to suffer the misfortune of being stubborn.


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