Companions, there is a philosophy about our five fingers
1. There's a fat thumb who always says good and flattering.
2. There is a finger that likes to point and reign.
3. There is a tall middle finger who is arrogant and likes to incite the index finger.
4. There is a ring finger that is always a role model, good, and patient so given a gift ring.
5. And there is a weak and submissive little fellow and forgiving (remember you when we were small when we make up with our enemy must touch each other's little finger?).
With the positive and negative differences each finger has, they unite to achieve the goal (writing, holding, helping other members of the body, doing the work, etc.).

Companions, Have we ever imagined if our hands consisted of nothing but thumbs? This philosophy is simple but very meaningful. We are created with all the differences we have in order to unite, love each other, help each other, help each other, complement each other, not to accuse each other, to point, to destroy, and even to kill. Has your affection today increased? May be useful.


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