On a journey a father with his son, a tall wooden tree turned out to be an interesting thing for them to see. Both stopped in the shade of the tree. "My son," said the father suddenly. This teenage boy was staring closely at his father. With such a greeting, the child understands that his father will say something serious. "Is there a lesson you can tell from a tree?" Continued the father as his right hand grabbed a tree trunk nearby. "I think the tree could be a comfortable shelter, a clean water store of dirt, and a balmy cool air," the boy replied, his eyes waiting for a certainty. "Good," the father's spontaneous response. "But, there is another interesting thing for us to see from a tree," added the father as suddenly his face looked up to the end of the top branch. "Watch the edge of the trees you see. Everything is perpendicular in the same direction. Although it is on a sloping ground, the tree will force itself to stay straight on the light, "explained the father. "My son," said the father as suddenly his right hand grabbed the back of his son. "Make yourself like a tree, 
whatever the circumstances are, keep it straight with the light of truth," the father said so impressed. ** The state of the soil of life that we stand today, sometimes not in a wide, flat land. There's always something not like what we want. There is a steep cliff, there is a grueling climb, there is a derivative sloping derivative, and there are holes that appear beyond expectations. The trees, as the father had said to his son, always positioned themselves in the robustness to always perpendicularly follow the source of the light of truth. Despite being on the cliffs of threats, climbing obstacles, temptation derivatives, and trap holes. "Make yourself like a tree, whatever the circumstances, keep it straight with the light of truth." ... Friend, Make yourself a tree, whatever the circumstance, keep straight with the light of truth, "Whoever you are, however you are, and Wherever you are. .. face and follow the straight light of truth ... because otherwise yuo will get lost in the dark. And if caught in the dark, do not curse the darkness, but turn on the light though with candles...



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